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Mooring Clearance

Our Mooring Clearance section has many short lengths of rope and custom spliced mooring strops and bridles, which have been made to specific measurements.

Please read the product descriptions carefully to be sure of what you are purchasing.

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Majoni Star Fender Blue and white with spliced white lanyard

Clearance Majoni Star Fenders

£58.75 -20%


Eco Friendly Product

Eco Friendly Product
Polyform Green Concept G Series Fenders

Clearance 3 Strand Polyester : 18mm diameter, 4.5 m length, Spliced one end with a Galvanised Thimble Eye.

Clearance Spliced LIROS Dockline - Nylon Eye Splice and Heat Seal

Clearance Spliced LIROS Dockline

£36.90 -50%


LIROS 3 Strand Polypropylene - Stainless Steel Eye Splices, Length 1.02 metres, Diameter 14mm
Octoplait - 24mm - Loop Splice with Stainless Steel Eye.  Anti-chafe webbing sheave.

Clearance LIROS Octoplait Polyester - BLACK

Clearance LIROS 3 Strand Polyester

Clearance LIROS 3 Strand Polyester

£23.50 -40%


Clearance LIROS Dockline

Clearance LIROS Dockline

£19.25 -40%


SiderMarine Shock Absorbers

Clearance Spliced LIROS Octoplait Polyester Warps

Octolpait V Bridle with Stainless Steel Centre Eye - 1m Anti-Chafe Webbing & 300mm Anti Chafe Webbing Loops