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Jimmy Green Dyneema Low Friction Rings Comparison

The low friction ring is the simplest form of block or turning point for a rope. The smooth, wide internal radius provides minimal resistance for control line adjustment.  In addition, the lack of moving parts provides reliability and security. The Jimmy Green Rigging Team offer the Barton range of Rings with spliced Dyneema soft loops in set diameters and lengths.

Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Rings

MK1 (Original)

The original design spliced loop features a stitch and whip covered in heat shrink to seize it to the ring.

Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Rings

Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Rings


The Mk2 was recently brought to market after reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of different designs. The new alternative design is explained in detail below.

Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Rings - Mark 2

Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Rings - Mark 2


Low friction rings with soft attach loops produced by Jimmy Green are useful for diverting the angle of running lines and creating either simple or cascade purchase systems, making an extremely versatile addition to your running rigging inventory. For example, installing on the toe rail can provide a flexible solution for routing sheets and control lines clear of the side deck, locating permanently at the mast base for routing halyards up the mast from the coach roof, or as part of a 2:1 tweaker (in hauler) for your genoa system.

Advantages over a block

Low friction rings will settle into the orientation of least resistance to the line that passes through them. This versatility means they can be installed in various applications and still perform well. That means less spare kit on board. The simple cow-hitch installation provides easy removal once any temporary set-up is no longer required and allows easy positional optimisation.

Jimmy Green Rig Team

The rigging team at Jimmy Green currently produce the loops in-house using Barton Low friction Rings and either LIROS D-Pro or Marlow Excel D12. The Rings are hand-finished to a standard specification for easily reproducible, consistently high quality and standard. The team build up a stock of these over the quieter winter months to assist with servicing the heavy seasonal demand through the spring and summer. Inevitably, stocks may run low at any point, but the team are adept at producing all rigging to order without too much delay.

Constructional differences

Mk1, the original version: A set length of Marlow D-12 in black is spliced into a loop. The loop is formed by passing one end through the centre of the line to leave two tails, as shown below. The tails are passed back into the rope on either side of the join. The tail length is precisely calculated to extend through the full length of the stitch and whip that secures the low friction ring in place. This means the soft tail is single-thickness and super flexible.

Mk1 Construction Step 1

Mk1 Construction Step 2

Mk1 Construction Step 3

Mk 1 Construction Step 4

Mk2: A low friction ring is placed at the centre of a set length of LIROS D-Pro grey. The line is wrapped around the ring and held using a Brummel locking tuck to leave two long tails. Like the original version, the tails are then passed back into one another to create the loop, which is stitched in place. By design, the soft tail loop is double thickness and further secured by the cow-hitch installation. 

Mk 2 Step 1

Mk2 Construction Step 2

Mk2 Construction Step 3

Mk 2 Construction Step 4

Application differences

The original design is super flexible and features a slightly longer loop, which can be double or single-wrapped around an attachment point to adjust how close the friction ring is held. The Mk2 has a thicker, shorter loop for close installation and extra chafe protection. 

Bespoke availability

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team can create a loop to any length specification. Please contact the Rigging Team via email or telephone to let us know your requirements, and we can advise if there is any additional charge for any extra rope.

Low Friction Rings Deck Hardware Support