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Horseshoe Lifebuoy - Baltic, Ocean Safety and Seago

Lifebuoys are designed to help a casualty in the water.

The horseshoe provides immediate buoyancy to someone in the water, and the hollow shape allows physical access for the torso by pulling in with their arms. A lifebuoy should fit below a personal flotation device (lifejackets).

Horseshoe lifebuoys are filled with a closed cell buoyant core – the ‘soft’ versions have a more flexible core. Lifebuoy covers are close fitting and wipe clean with a zip closure and grab handle lines, produced from coated Nylon/Polyester fabric in bright colours.

There are three colour options available including of red, white or yellow, sold individually or as a set with light and bracket.

A Horseshoe Lifebuoy set comprises:

  • The horseshoe lifebuoy of your choice
  • A Lalizas SOLAS light
  • A Jimmy Green stainless steel universal fixing bracket
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