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Safety Marine Equipment List for UK Pleasure Vessels

Pleasure craft under the length of 13.7 metres are not subject to any statutory requirements for safety equipment. However, it is very important to prepare your boat as best you can for your intended purpose. Different equipment is required for day boats and for boats with eating and sleeping facilities. Regularly checking your kit is imperative, especially items such as lifejackets, liferafts and flares with expiry dates or service intervals.

Equipment List for UK Pleasure Vessels less than 13.7 metres in Length

Recommended equipment covering the main items to consider.  The list is not exhaustive, but combined with safety information from the RYA, it provides a basis for equipping your boat.

M = Mandatory | R = Recommended | D = at your Discretion,
O = Read information page for alternative options
* = Varies with area of operation | ^ = Varies with type of boat

List of Marine Safety Equipment for Boats

Safety Item

Requirement Code
(see Key)
Radar reflector M*
Lifesaving Signals M*
Navigation lights, day shapes & sound signalling equipment M^
A lifejacket (or buoyancy aid^) for everyone on board R
Safety lines R^
Kill cord & spare R^
Information & Communications
Maritime Radio (e.g.VHF) R*
MF / HF radio R*
SSB radio and / or Satellite telephone R*
LW Radio (to receive BBC Radio 4 shipping forecast) R*
Navigation and Collision Avoidance
Chart(s), Almanac, Pilot Book R*^
Hand Bearing Compass R*^
Fixed steering compass (lit for boating at night) R*^
Drawing instruments for navigation (e.g. plotter & dividers) R*^
Binoculars R*^
Echo sounder R*^
Log (for monitoring distance travelled) R*^
GPS / Chart Plotter R*^
Automatic Identification System (AIS) D
Radar D
A powerful torch (for collision avoidance) or handheld white flares R
Fire fighting equipment M*
Distress flares O
Electronic Visual Distress Signals (EVDS) O
Liferaft and Grab bag R*^
Equipment to deal with a man overboard (lifebuoydanbuoy etc.) R^
Bucket (strong with lanyard) folding buckets are not recommended R
406 MHz EPIRB / PLB R*^
First aid kit R
Emergency tiller (for wheel steered boats) R^
Equipment to deal with water ingress (Bailer, Bilge Pump, Bungs) R
Emergency VHF aerial for fixed VHF R^
Other Important Equipment
Carbon Monoxide detector R^
Boarding ladder R^
Barometer R*^
Anchor & cable / warp R
Winch / anchor windlass handle D*
Lock windlass / bridge key D*
Propeller guards and rope cutters D
Storm sails (for sailing yachts) R*^
Tools and spares (engine, electrics, rig, sails etc) R^
Bosun’s chair or equivalent (for sailing yachts) R^
Tender R^
Spare fuel (in appropriate storage) R
Waterproof torch(es) R*^
Mooring line(s) R
Fenders R*^
Mooring pins and mallet R*^
Tow rope R
Knife R
Boat hook R
Sea anchor & / drogue D*
Pump & puncture repair kit (for inflatable boats) R
Alternative means of propulsion (oars, outboard engine etc.) R
Ship’s Log Book R*
Accurate clock or watch R
View the Safety Equipment List and Technical Information on the RYA website ►

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