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Dock Fenders

Dock fenders secured to the pontoon in your allocated berth offer extra protection for your yacht's topsides when arriving in difficult wind and tidal conditions.

Dock fenders are designed to be secured horizontally along the pontoon, covering as much of the jetty as required to minimise the chances of harmful contact.

Dock fenders are an effective safeguard against gelcoat damage, when used in conjunction with fenders hung vertically from your guardrail.

Dock fenders are offered in 3/4 round or 1/2 round format.

The 3/4 round is very popular because it wraps over the top edge of the pontoon, providing protection for top sides or bow stems that protrude from the waterline.

1/2 round fenders need to be fixed directly to the side of the pontoon.

Articulated Dock Fenders can wrap around or squeeze into corners to maximise the protection.

3/4 Round and Articulated Dock Fenders are offered from market leading brands Plastimo and Majoni.

Plastimo also offer the same range in blue in addition to slightly smaller models. Inflation adaptors and spare valves are available for both brands. However, the fenders are delivered inflated to the right pressure, ready to use.

Over-inflation Advisory Notice: The dock fenders may appear a little spongy or soft at first, but please be aware that adding any air before the fenders are firmly fastened into position, will simply distort the shape that is required to fit them to the dock.

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Plastimo 3/4 Round Dock Fender Large White
Majoni Dock Fenders

Plastimo Dock Fender Inflation Valve
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Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Adaptor - unscrewed
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Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Valve
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Plastimo Dock Fender Inflation Adaptor
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Majoni Valve Extractor - Pozi Pan Head Machine Screw M3 Thread
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