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Fibre Rigging Fittings

Fibre Rigging Fittings encompass all the hardware required for terminating and tensioning Dyneema Fibre Rigging, also known as Composite or Synthetic fibre Rigging

Dyneema Rope Rigging fittings can be broadly divided into two subcategories:

Dyneema Rope Terminals

Dyneema Rope Terminals have been specially designed and manufactured to create a strong and safe working solution for transferring the load on Dyneema fibre rigging line to the more traditional wire terminal fitting options e.g. eye and clevis pin, T-terminal or threaded stud. Bluewave have set the pace in designing a range of Rope Terminals specifically for Dyneema 12 strand line.

Dyneema Rope Lashing Terminations and Chainplate Distributors

Line terminators and chainplate distributors have been specifically designed and engineered for use with Dyneema 12 strand hollowbraid rope with advanced metal composition delivering light weight and ultimate strength. The result is a spliced, multi purchase lashing finish to Dyneema fibre rigging when connecting to the deck or mast structure.

Jimmy Green Marine supply a large range of both types of fittings suitable for composite, synthetic fibre rigging applications.

Colligo Marine are the leading innovative brand for Line Terminators and Chainplate Distributors.

You will find all the mainstream items on our website - Please contact Team Jimmy Green for us to quote a price and availability on any item not listed.

Barton, Selden and TMS also offer fibre rigging fitting options that can cover a wide range of solutions e.g. Low Friction Rings

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Bluewave Dyneema Rope Eye - Aluminium

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Ball

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Eye

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Fork

Bluewave Dyneema Rope Thread

Bluewave Dyneema Rope T

Bluewave Dyneema Wheel Thimble

Bluewave Forged T Eye
Colligo Marine Male Chainplate Distributor CSS90BLK
Colligo Marine Female Chainplate Distributor CSS62.5BLK
Colligo Marine Female Chainplate - Mini Series CSS95.5
Colligo Marine Line Terminator CSS71BLK