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Mooring Compensators

Mooring Compensators extend the working life of your mooring lines and reduce the stress on your cleats by absorbing tension and dampening shock loading.

Rubber snubbers, mooring springs and devices are designed to diminish the repeated peak strains and sudden violent tugs resulting from deep swells, choppy waves, surf, tidal surges and also the wake from other yachts, boats and ferries.

The practice of snubbing protects your lines from snapping, prevents excess snatch load on your cleats and their deck fixings, helps to quieten your lines as they move as well as generally dampening the extreme peak loads - no squeaking, no wear and tear.

Jimmy Green Marine stock: 

Rubber Mooring Compensators from both Unimer and Forsheda

Both Unimer and Forsheda provide excellent quality and value for money manufacture their compensators from high quality EPDM rubber. This provides excellent strength in addition to weather and salt water resistance.

Stainless Steel Rated Mooring Spring Compensators from Douglas Marine and SIDERMARINE

N.B. some harbours ban the use of metal springs in the interests of protecting widllife but EPDM rubber is not currentlly viewed as a threat.

Mooring Compensator Advisory

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Forsheda Mooring Compensator
Unimer Mooring Compensator
Unimer U Cleat demonstrated with rope
Unimer in line compensator demonstrated with rope
Unimer Smart Snubber
Davis Shockles LineSnubber in action
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SiderMarine Shock Absorbers

SIDERMARINE New Generation Shock Absorbers
stainless steel mooring spring
Douglas Marine Cardan Mooring Device
Douglas Marine Master Mooring Junior Device
Douglas Marine Master Mooring 20 Device