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Fire Safety

Fire Safety on Boats

Jimmy Green Marine stock fire blankets, portable fire extinguishers and Fire Safety Sticks, as these are the most practical size for storage on motor or sailing or yachts.

Dry Powder extinguishers have been the normal specification on smaller yachts and sailboats, as they are lighter and smaller than other water and Co2 fire extinguishers.

Recent advances in fire extinguisher technology have seen the launch of the new Fire Safety Stick, which leaves no residue and has a longer discharge time.

Keep fire blankets and extinguishers within easy reach, close to exits and risk points, such as the galley and engine area.

Boat fires may be rare, but it is wise to be prepared.

Fire Extinguisher Comparison Chart
Type ABC Powder Foam CO2 Water Wet Chemical Fire Safety Stick
Agent Powder



CO2 H2O Potassium Carbonate Potassium Nitrate based
Model 1kg / 2kg 2 litre 2kg 5kg 6 litre FSS25, FSS50, FSS100,
Weight 3.5kg 3.5kg 3.5kg 5kg 10kg 170g (FSS25) 215g (FSS50) 365g (FSS100)
Discharge 7s -11s 20s 12s 10s 50s FSS25 = 25 seconds FSS50 = 50 seconds FSS100 = 100 seconds
Maintenance Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Not required
Residue Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Pessurised Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Fire Classification






A A F A B C F Electrical

Classifications for different sources/causes of fire

Class A - fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.

Class B - fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils.

Class C - fires involving gases.

Class D - fires involving metals.

Class E - fires involving live electrical apparatus. (Technically ‘Class E’ doesn’t exist, however this is used for convenience here)

Class F - fires involving cooking oils such as in deep-fat fryers.

For more information on Fire Safety onboard visit:

Boat Safety Scheme Website

RYA Boat Safety Information

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Eco Friendly Product
Fire Safety Sticks
Dry Powder ABC Manual Fire Extinguisher 1kg
Firemark Fire Blanket 1.2 metre x 1.2 metre
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Fire Blanket

Jimmy Green Fire Fighting Package
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Automatic ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher