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Lewmar Clutches

Lewmar engineering is renowned world-wide and their design team continue to push forward in rope clutch technology.

The Lewmar DC range of clutches is based on a revolutionary new concept which makes teeth, ribbing or fluting redundant.

Lewmar DC Clutches Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Independently tested and proven
  • Innovation award winning design
  • Non-cam designs means no teeth, knurled or ribbed surfaces that cause abrasion
  • Ergonomic handle/release lever using 'Variable Geometry' handle
  • Unique domino grip pattern that prevents the line from fraying
  • Domino design = a series of smooth, in-line and parallel rings hinged at the base
  • Domino Cluster and greater holding surface area holds the line under load without fraying
  • Controlled Release - Pull back handle combined with patented clutch and release mechanism provides controlled release even at full holding load.
  • Solid link from handle to Domino Cluster
  • Line size capability from 6mm to 14mm
  • Two models - DC1 Low Load and DC2 High Load
  • Available in single, double and triple configuration, see below

Lewmar Single Clutch  Lewmar Single Clutch  Lewmar Triple Clutch

Domino Cluster Effect

The line runs through the succession of rings which are then tilted by a single connecting lever. When tilted, the rings force the line to snake through them, creating the necessary friction to hold the line securely. When the clutch is released, the line is allowed to straighten. The release is therefore far less alarming under heavy load than conventional clutches because it can be performed gradually.

Lewmar Clutch Domino Concept

Throughout the history of rope clutch development, the cam has had some sort of teeth to deliver the holding power. But the cam has also been a primary cause of line abrasion. The Lewmar DC Domino Concept is an innovative approach to the line holding function. The Lewmar Domino mechanism flexes the line, delivering more holding power (grip factor) and less wear through abrasion, see illustration below.

Lewmar Clutch Domino Design

Important Lewmar Advisory

Select the clutch size by matching it to the larger diameter line that will pass through it e.g. for 10mm line diameter, select an 8-10mm clutch. This will ensure that the Domino flexing effect has maximum deflection. This, in turn, will maximise the holding power.

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Lewmar DC Clutch Label Sheet
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