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Stainless Steel Wire - Quality Control and Care

Jimmy Green Marine policy is to purchase only recognised top brand/manufacture wire from accredited sources in the UK.

All Jimmy Green 1 x 19 and 7 x 19 stainless steel wire, including PVC covered wire for Guardrails is manufactured by Kos and is distributed to us in the UK by Seago Yachting.

Kos is generally acknowledged as one of the best stainless steel manufacturers in the world.

We currently purchase Compact Dyform 1 x 7 and 1 x 19 wire from Petersen Stainless.

We are considering switching to KOS Compact Strand 1 x 7 and 1 x 19, wire but this will be recorded by Team Jimmy Green:


Every single reel of stainless steel wire purchased by Jimmy Green Marine is marked and recorded with the supplier, the date received and a batch number.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team record the appropriate batch number on each order for wire rigging that they produce.

Each piece of wire is therefore traceable back to the manufacturer and the accountability trail is clear.


It is still possible that brown staining will occur on your new stainless steel wire.

This staining is most commonly associated with surface contamination and not the wire rusting.

Stainless steel wire produces an impervious oxide layer, which prevents further oxidising and the development of stains.

If the surface layer is contaminated by contact with an oxidising agent, then a stain can be produced which can spread as more of the surface gets contaminated.

Contamination can occur from something as simple as contact with mild steel e.g. in the workshop, on the quay, in transit or even from contact with contaminated water, fresh or salt.

Happily, in most cases, a thorough cleaning of the stain will restore the oxide boundary layer and prevent further occurrences.


We recommend the cleaner below as a good option because it does not require any scrubbing or polishing and will get into all the cracks and crevices.

Stainless Steel Wire Cleaner

N.B. If staining occurs on or around the wire at the top of the lower shroud terminals, it is a good idea to apply the cleaner further up the shrouds/stays to prevent contamination reoccurring due to gravitational migration.

This photo shows a modicum of staining on the main shrouds of a Moody 47 approximately 9 months old, berthed in the Mediterranean

after stainless steel cleaning

after stainless steel cleaning

More Information

The British Stainless Steel association provides more detailed, independent information on stainless steel staining: BSSA

Petersen Stainless have a webpage devoted to Care and Cleaning: Petersen Stainless Steel Care