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Sta-Lok Swageless Terminals

Wire Rope Terminals

Sta-Lok terminals were designed and launched as an innovative mechanical method of terminating wire in 1973 and over the intervening decades they have gained world-wide renown for their ergonomic design, superb quality and ultimate reliability.

Sta-Lok DIY self-fit mechanical terminals are designed for 1×19, 7×19, 7×7 and compacted strand stainless steel wire rope from 3mm up to 26mm diameter.

Sta-Lok terminals are widely recognised as an essential rigging accessory for both the amateur and professional rigger. The Sta-Lok mechanical construction will withstand both constant and variable shock loading with a connection to the wire that is ultimately stronger than the rated breaking load of the wire rope. The simplicity of the Sta-Lok self-fit wire termination concept makes it reusable time and again N.B. a new wedge will be required.

Sta-Lok Swageless Self Fit Wire Terminals - Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Proven reliability over the best part of 5 decades
  • Reusable (new wedge required)
  • DIY self-fit terminal - for both amateur and professional fitting
  • Onsite or onboard assembly
  • Simple to install with basic hand tools
  • No pre-measurement is required
  • Different wedges are required and available according to the wire construction -  1×19, 7 strand and compacted strand wire rope
  • Standard supply is for 1x19
  • Compatible with right hand or left hand lay wire rope
  • Laser marked wedges for easy identification and selection
  • Guaranteed to be stronger than the matching diameter wire rope
  • Marine grade rust free stainless steel
  • Not for use with with galvanised wire ropes because rapid galvanic action will cause the wire rope to corrode and fail
  • Not suitable for use with wire ropes with fibre cores

Sta-Lok have produced a comprehensive set of instructions for successfully terminating wire with their self-fit terminals:

Sta-Lok Swageless Wire Terminal Fitting Instructions

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