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Rigging Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine Sailboat Standing Rigging Accessories are necessary for maintaining and improving everything related to the wire rope on board a sailing yacht

Rigging Accessories include: Rigging Chafe Protection, Yacht Rig Tuning, Backstay Adjustment, Cutting, Lubricating and Cleaning products for stainless steel wire plus all the spares and consumables required to keep your rigging in good order e.g. toggles, clevis pins, split rings, cotter pins, split pins, locking nuts, insulation tape.

Rigging Chafe Protection

Protect your sails from abrasion by fitting PVC fittings to your spreader ends, rigging screws and guardrails.

Rig Tuning

Check the tension on each of your stays yourself with a rig tension meter - even if you are no expert, you can check that the starboard and port shrouds are balanced.

Backstay Adjustment

Backstay Adjusters can be fitted to allow adjustment in the tension for upwind and downwind sailng. These can be fitted direct to a single line backstay or as part of a split backstay set up which decreases the travel but increases the purchase.

Wire Cutting, Lubricating and Cleaning

Wire cutters are an essential piece of safety equipment for cutting away broken wires in the event of a dismasting. Specialist Lubricants help to keep all moving parts free from salt, dirt and grease. Specialist cleaners deal with the staining from surface contamination which can occur on all stainless steel fittings and wire, even new.

Standing Rigging Spares and Consumables

Rigging toggles and locking nuts are useful additions to the Rigging Spares Box. A skipper's safety check will almost certainly reveal pins and rings that are missing or misshapen to the point that they need replacing. Insulation tape is essential to keep those pins and rings from snagging and therefore helping to avoid the need for replacement.

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Rigging Screw Boot
Super Stainless, stainless steel cleaner and protector 500ml
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Spreader Boots
Spinlock Rig-Sense tension gauge
Split Pins
Loctite 243 Lock n Seal Bottle 24ml
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Loos Rig Tension Gauges
self amalgamating tape, 19mm x 5 metres
Rutgerson Rondo Sail Guard 4-6mm
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Sta Lok Hex Nuts
Shroud Rollers

Shroud Rollers

Wichard Backstay Adjuster with Wheel
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