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Recycling Rope

We are continuing to advocate our initiative for accepting old polyester and nylon rope for recycling.

We are making it a local service to ensure that the carbon cost of transporting the rope to us does not outweigh the benefit.

We will collect and store your old unwanted ropes at our Chandlery in Beer until there is a sufficient quantity to efficiently return to LIROS Ropes for recycling.

We can accept leisure marine Polyester, Nylon, Dyneema, Technora and Vectran ropes up to 20mm in diameter i.e. from yachting and boating.

Please note, we are unable to accept commercial ropes.

Join our scheme

The scheme is open to everyone, individual sailors and clubs.

Are you a member of a Sailing or Yacht club in the South West of England?   Here is how you can help!

  1. Talk to your club organisers about supporting our scheme
  2. Organise a collection point at your club
  3. Contact us, and we will send you a poster to advertise your rope collection point
  4. Once you have a large enough quantity of rope, organise someone to make the drop at our Chandlery in Beer, East Devon.

Where will the ropes go?

Team Jimmy Green is proud to be a collaborative partner in the LIROS Green Wave Rope Recycling Initiative.

LIROS Ropes and Jimmy Green Marine have developed mutual loyalty and a steadfast business synergy over four decades.

The LIROS Team proactively separates and grades all the ropes returned to them, ready for recycling and reuse in other products.

Your old sheets, halyards, mooring and anchoring lines can be put to good use when they are worn out - and help to save the planet :-)

Read more about the LIROS Ropes Recycling Process.

Download Collection Point Poster

Download Rope Recycling Poster