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Custom Splicing, Rigging and Sewing

Custom Build System for Ropes and Rigging

The Jimmy Green Website Team are very happy to present our Online Custom Build System.

Jimmy Green Marine first launched a website in the early 90s, and the development of our online product-building and quoting tool has continued ever since. The aim has always been to make it as easy as possible for customers to browse and build rope, wire, and webbing products with a custom finish. The result is an online selection system that can provide an instant quote for an individual product with specific demands.

We have used the latest advanced technology on successive websites to build a wealth of pictorial and descriptive information into the tool. Our Online Custom Builder now lets you specify, view, edit and confirm your products for order with a few simple steps.

Here is an example of how to Custom Build an anchor warp spliced to chain in a few simple steps.
Each time you change your selection in a dropdown menu, the website updates the specification and calculates a price.

Introduction to the Jimmy GreenCustom Build System

You can use the information in our Knowledge Centre and the  Read%20More.jpgInformation Symbol section on our category pages to decide where to start.

Before you begin your custom build product you can read these articles to help set you on your way.

GENERAL Custom Build Instructions

How to use the Online Custom Build System

Check out this video demonstrating the Jimmy Green online Custom Build System for a closer look.

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