Rig Tuning

A well tuned rig will not only enhance the sailing performance of your yacht or dinghy but also reduce the chance of rig failure by ensuring that all the stress and strain is taken by the correct elements of the mast, spreaders and wire rigging.

Some forestays on yachts with Headsail furling are fixed length but all other shrouds and stays are usually adjustable.
Adjustment is generally achieved by tightening or loosening the thread on the bottlescrews at the bottom of the stays where they are attached to the deck.

It is advisable to take advice on setting up a rig either from a rpofessional or by meticulous research.

Armed with all the required information, you can use a rig tension gauge to achieve the desired results.

Jimmy Green Marine offer two branded choices for Rig Tension Tuning - Loos or Spinlock

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