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Chain and Anchor Stoppers

Team Jimmy Green has put together a range of chain and anchor stoppers. There is more information on why these are wise precautions if you read on down the page.

Chain Stoppers act as a brake, bearing the full force of a boat or yacht while at anchor by securing the chain.

Chain stoppers are designed to take the strain on your chain, transferring the load away from your windlass.

Chain Stoppers Facts and Features:

Chain stoppers have a simple manual lever operation allowing one-way movement when the brake is on and two-way movement when the brake is off.

A windlass is not manufactured to take the full weight of a yacht or boat at anchor. The gypsy, the clutch and all the remaining parts, e.g. cogs, and bearings, are designed for the purpose of lowering and retrieving your anchor and chain.

When at anchor, the anchor rode should be secured to a suitable strong point on deck. This can be achieved by making the chain or the warp off on a cleat, by attaching a snubbing line and slackening the main rode, or simply by the installation of a chain stopper.

Chain stoppers should be securely through-fastened to the deck on a direct line between the windlass and the bow roller.

Anchor Retainers are essential to prevent an embarrassing accidental loss of your anchor or even the entire anchoring system

It has been known for anchors to be accidentally lost over the bow roller.  Sometimes, if the bitter end is not attached securely, the anchor could be followed by all of your chain and warp as well. It will be embarrassing and potentially expensive to get it back in shallow waters, but if it happens on passage, you may need to make an insurance claim.

Of course, you can retain the anchor with a short piece of line and a few half hitches, but a wire strop designed for the purpose should be quicker and more efficient, and it will give you peace of mind.

The Jimmy Green design is similar to the Lewmar model, but it is 100mm longer and includes a full eye bolt for fixing to the deck or bulkhead rather than an eye with a threaded ring.

If you would prefer a bespoke solution, please fill out the Ask Jimmy contact form.

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