Compacted Strand Wire Rigging

Compacted Strand Wire Rigging

Compacted Strand stainless steel wire is designed for high performance shrouds, backstays and forestays on sailboats and yachts committed to racing or extended/performance cruising.

The dyformed compact strand structure...

Compacted Strand stainless steel wire is designed for high performance shrouds, backstays and forestays on sailboats and yachts committed to racing or extended/performance cruising.

The dyformed compact strand structure delivers lower stretch and higher break loads per given diameter than standard 1x19 wire.

The increase in performance comfortably offsets the minimal weight increase.

2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm diameters are available in 1x7 construction ~ 5mm up to and including 12mm diameter is manufactured in 1x19 construction ~ 14mm diameter and larger is manufactured in 1x36

Jimmy Green Marine currently source all their Compacted Strand wire from Petersen Stainless.

Petersen Compact Strand:

Manufactured in Europe from high quality European AISI 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401

Polished in the fully austentic condition to give maximum corrosion resistance

Jimmy Green Marine operate a strict accountability process for every reel of wire that the Jimmy Green Rigging Team use and record the corresponding batch number on every rigging order.

Traceability is an important feature of the Jimmy Green assurance policy: STAINLESS STEEL WIRE - QUALITY CONTROL AND CARE

You can therefore be reassured that your rigging will only be made up from top quality fully accredited Petersen Stainless wire.

All wire terminals are roller swaged onto the wire using Wiretechnik Roller Swaging Technology.

Swaging is available in wire diameters from 2.5mm up to 12mm diameter (up to 10mm on site)

All copper ferrule terminations are fitted onto the wire using Cabco Talurit Hydraulic Press Machines.

Wire Termination from 2mm up to 8mm diameter is carried out on site.

WireTechnik and Cabco Talurit are acknowledged throughout the marine industry as the leading manufacturers for top quality, reliable wire termination.

Jimmy Green Marine offer the full range of Sta-Lok and Petersen swage terminals e.g. eye, forks, tees, strap toggles plus all manner of turnbuckle and backstay insulator options. Terminals from Selden, Hasselfors, Bluewave, Navtec and OS/BSI are also available

Prices include swaging onto the wire.

KOS compact strand wire will be available soon. Enquire via email for more details if it is not listed in the products below


Wire Minimum Break Load Comparison

KOS 1x19 Stainless Steel AISI 316319kg500kg720kg1280kg2000kg2880kg3560kg4640kg7250kg10400kg
KOS 7x19 Stainless Steel AISI 316225kg347kg510kg907kg1420kg2040kg2780kg3630kg5670kg7660kg
Petersen Compact Strand Stainless Steel AISI 316440kg690kg1000kg1780kg2600kg3600kg5000kg6300kg10000kg14500kg
hamma™  Pro Strand450kg700kg1025kg1795kg2600kg3700kg5100kg6500kg10250kg14400kg

Wire SizeTypeMin Break LoadStretch mm/mm 100kgWeight Kg 100m
2.5mmStandard 1x19500 kg0.0185353.05 kg
Compact Dyform 1x7690 kg0.0145233.4 kg
3mmStandard 1x19720 kg0.0128724.49 kg
Compact Dyform 1x71000 kg0.0100854.9 kg
4mmStandard 1x191280 kg0.0073787.81 kg
Compact Dyform 1x71780 kg0.0056738.80 kg
5mmStandard 1x192000 kg0.00462712.2 kg
Compact Dyform 1x192440 kg0.00372813.5 kg
6mmStandard 1x192880 kg0.00322417.6 kg
Compact Dyform 1x193550 kg0.00258919.4 kg
7mmStandard 1x193550 kg0.00227423.9 kg
Compact Dyform 1x194910 kg0.00190226 kg
8mmStandard 1x194640 kg0.00188331.2 kg
Compact Dyform 1x196150 kg0.00145634.5 kg
10mmStandard 1x197250 kg0.00115748.8 kg
Compact Dyform 1x199770 kg0.00093254 kg
12mmStandard 1x1910400 kg0.00080670.3 kg
Compact Dyform 1x1914400 kg0.00064780.7 kg

hamma™ Pro Strand

The hamma™ brand is world renowned as a hallmark of quality for stainless steel rigging wire and components manufactured to withstand the rigours of modern day yachting.

The hamma™ manufacturing facility is a state of the art, modern factory located in Thailand with over 550 employees including 60 highly skilled engineers who specialise in the design and production of marine tensile stainless steel solutions.

hamma™  Strand stainless steel wire rope is all produced under strict quality control procedures in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality control, complemented by ISO17025 certification.

hamma™ Pro Strand manufacture includes a special strand compaction engineering process that decreases the constructional stretch of the wire and increases the break load capacity.

hamma™ technologically advanced production techniques ensure that there is no need to pre-stress the wire before use.

hamma™ Pro Strand
Facts and Features:

Compacted Strand 1x7 (up to 4mm) or 1x19 (5-12mm) construction

c 30% higher break load than conventional 1x19 wire

Lower stretch than standard 1x19 rigging wire

Smooth, clean aesthetically superior finish

Pre-stressing is not required

hamma™ Regatta components are available to match the superior performance of the wire


MBL = hamma™  rated minimum break load