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Sail Handling

Our sail handling category equips you with all the essential gear to manage your sails, whether you're a seasoned sailor or just starting out. Effortlessly control your sails in any conditions, ensuring a safe and efficient voyage. Browse our comprehensive selection of lazy jacks, boom preventers, boom vang systems, sail ties, and more, meticulously chosen to enhance your sailing experience.

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Barton Boomstrut

Barton Single Line Reefing Kit
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Barton Reefing Hook (pair)
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Barton Double Reefing Hook
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Wichard Gybe Easy
Walder Boom Brake 103 Black
LIROS 6mm Lazy Jack
LIROS 6mm Lazy Jack
LIROS Lazy Jack 50 / 100 metre Deal
LIROS 8 plait White Polyester 01040
RWO Tyga Clips with or without shock cord fitted

Tyga Clips