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Fenders and Buoys

Majoni invented the plastic soccer ball in 1952, with the development of a strong flexible material and their inovation provided the way to produce plastic hollow products. They are specialists in the manufacture of fenders and buoys as well as other strong plastic products.


Majoni Star Fender Blue and white with spliced white lanyard

Clearance Majoni Star Fenders

£58.75 -20%

Majoni stem fender white
Majoni Buoy Fender, white with blue ends
Majoni Dock Fenders
Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Adaptor - unscrewed
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Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Valve
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Majoni Narrow Boat Fenders, Black and Navy
Majoni Marine Bucket
Majoni Pick-up Buoy
Rod Mooring Buoy
Majoni Slim Narrow Boat Fenders, Black and Navy
Majoni Solid Head Mooring Buoys