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Max Power Bow Thrusters

Max Power offer a complete range of 12V and 24V electric tunnel thrusters to suit motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts from 17 feet to 85 feet length overall.

Max Power electric tunnel thrusters are designed for performance and durability, to deliver a long and trouble free working life.

Max PowerMax Power Electric Tunnel Bow Thruster Unique Features:

  • Patented corrosion free composite drive legs manufactured to high tolerances with no reason for cathodic protection
  • Drive legs are pre-filled with oil and permanently sealed for zero maintenance
  • Case hardened spiro-conical gears guarantee silent, smooth operation, and a long working life
  • Line shields protect the oil seals from fishing lines and fouling
  • High efficiency, purpose designed DC motors deliver the optimum power when you most need it with ultimate reliability and long running time capacity
  • Electronic control boxes for unrivalled safety features
  • Solid copper contact bars ensure safe, fault-free, high power connections
  • Max Power-engineered high specification DC contactors ensure safe and long lasting operation

These Max Power bow thruster unique features listed above correlate to the illustrative pictures below.

Max Power Bow Thruster Composite Drive LegMax Power Bow Thruster Drive LegMax Power Bow Thruster Spiro-Conical GearsMax Power Bow Thruster Line Shield Max Power Bow Thruster DC MotorMax Power Bow Thruster Control BoxMax Power Bow Thruster Contact BarMax Power Bow Thruster DC Contactor

Max Power publish a guide for selecting the correct bow thruster for your boat or yacht by Length Overall and Displacement

Max Power Bow Thruster Model Guide

There are other factors that will affect your interpretation of the guide other than length overall. There are three different options in the chart to make allowance for displacement - cruising, fast cruising and super fast cruising.

In addition, you will need to take the following into account in order to assess the thrust required for your individual yacht and circumstances:

  • Windage - the area that is presented directly to a transverse wind
  • Water resistance - the depth and breadth of water that will need to be pushed by the thruster
  • Underwater profile - the shape of the keel will directly affect the thruster's ability to move the bow e.g. a yacht with shallow draught fore and aft may readily pivot around a short keel while a longer deep keel will need a lot more thrust capacity
  • Desired maneuvering ability - select a thruster by interpreting the chart, left or right, according to your anticipated usage and your expectation

Max Power Bow Thruster Selection Chart


Replacing an existing Max Power product is a relatively straight forward task. The main units should slot into the existing tunnels without issue. Replacement cable, switches, fuses and holders are also available to service your existing set-up. Datasheets and Installation Manuals, including a troubleshooting guide are available to download for all models

If your boat does not yet have a tunnel thruster, Jimmy Green Marine recommend getting a professional boat builder to perform the initial cut out and installation of the tunnel. New GRP tunnels are available from us to suit the unit but they do require additional glass fibre work to be securely fitted.

Max Power Electric Tunnel Bow Thruster Catalogue 2020 - PDF

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