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Electric Windlasses for anchoring are standard equipment for most new sailing yachts and motorboats.

Upgrades on older yachts are increasingly popular with the advent of improved DC electric charging systems and the tendency towards longer lengths of anchor chain.

The Jimmy Green Team can advise you on all the options regarding your anchoring system, whether you are looking for a suitable matching component to replace a part of the existing setup or starting afresh.

Team Jimmy Green can help you match a new or replacement windlass to your existing chain and anchor, advising you on all aspects of the selection process, including the calibration of the gypsy and all the accessories required to finish the installation.

Team Jimmy Green can also provide you with all the necessary information to determine the optimum new windlass, including suggestions for your corresponding anchor rode setup, i.e. chain, warp, combinations, connectors, shackles and anchors.

Select from four top-quality windlass manufacturers: Lofrans, Lewmar, Maxwell and Quick. Each brand also has a wide range of Windlass Accessories, including Chain Counters, Foot Switches, Control Boxes, Circuit Breakers, Remote Controls, Handles, Maintenance Kits and Spare Parts.

The Windlass Selection Guide provides more information about windlass selection criteria, and you will find more specific information for each manufacturer in their category below.

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Lofrans X2 Vertical Windlass
Quick Prince DP2 Vertical Windlass

Lofrans X1 Vertical Windlass - Low Profile or Drum

Lewmar VX2 Vertical Windlass

Lofrans Kobra

Lofrans Royal Windlass

Lofrans Dorado

Lofrans X3 Vertical Windlass

Lofrans Falkon Horizontal Windlass

Lofrans Cayman dimensions
Lofrans Tigres

Lewmar V700 Vertical Windlass - circuit breaker, contactor, rocker switch
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