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Mooring Buoys

Mooring Buoys are round with a hard eye on one end for attaching a rope or shackle.

Mooring Buoys need to support the weight of all the riser chain with an additional safety factor added to allow for tidal drag and wave pressure during severe weather.

Majoni Solid Head Mooring Buoys are manufactured in bright red rotation moulded PVC in a range of sizes to suit the depth, weight and anticipated prevailing conditions on your mooring.

It is important to check that the mooring buoy has sufficient buoyancy to support the weight of the mooring system.

Mooring Buoys are inflatable but have a solid head so that the rope eye can happily take a heavy shackle pin to connect to a mooring riser chain or mooring warp.

Pick up Mooring Buoys are available in two sizes with optional lanyard for attaching to your mooring strop.

The pick up handle makes it easier to grab by hand or boat hook.

Custom build your mooring buoy system online.

Select all the component parts of the mooring set up and have them all spliced together as part of the Jimmy Green Service.

Speak to the Jimmy Green Rigging Team if you need any help or advice in setting up your mooring buoy system.

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