Maxwell Windlasses  

Maxwell automatic windlasses were first brought to market in the mid-1990's. Featuring a full range horizontal and vertical windlasses that deliver flawless performance with aesthetics that please the eye. The RC vertical range covers boats from 4.5 metres all the way up to 75 metres. The deck unit is manufactured using AISI 316 stainless steel for the most rugged of conditions. The HRC range is suitable for boats between 4.5 and 17 metres. These deck-mounted units are manufactured from die-cast, marine grade, anodised alloy.

Use the size guide below to help you choose the correct model for your boat. Please note that the windlass must have a maximum pull of at least 3 times the total weight of the snchor system (anchor, shackles, chain and rope). There is also a consideration for vessels of slightly heavier displacement for their overall length. If you have any questions, please send us an email or call the sales line.
Maxwell Windlass size guide

All models feature the revolutionary Wave Design gypsy chainwheel which grips rope with consummate ease. The outer ribs are angled slightly forward to help guide the chain or warp into the wheel. The rope is then gripped by the the alternating ribs in a wave like pattern. The ribs offer more control than the traditional jamming method and are also much kinder to the rope.

Maxwell Chainwell
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