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Dinghy Rigging

Jimmy Green offer a comprehensive range of Standing Rigging Solutions for Dinghies and Dayboats

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team produce top quality Dinghy and Sailboat Rigging produced from stainless steel wire or synthetic fibre.

Stainless Steel Wire Dinghy Rigging

Choose between KOS standard 1x19 and Petersen Compact Strand for Standing Rigging applications.

Select 7x19 flexible wire rope for cascades, purchase systems and leading around turning blocks.

All wire terminations are carried out in house by our Jimmy Green trained Rigging Team using genuine Cabco Talurit Hydraulic Press and WireTechnik Hydraulic Roller Press Technology.

All our wire terminal prices include swaging onto the wire.

Synthetic Fibre Dinghy Rigging

Choose between Marlow Excel D12 MAX 78, LIROS D-Pro Static and LIROS D-Pro-XTR

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team will check, measure, splice and finish your synthetic fibre ropes with meticulous care to the highest standard.

You can get an instant quote and purchase online by selecting your end terminals/splices/finish and length from bearing edge to bearing edge for any diameter of wire or synthetic fibre.

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