Environmental Mission Statement

Environmental Mission Statement

Caring for the world around us

At Jimmy Green Marine, we are aware of the impact our business has on the earth and its resources.

We are committed to minimising this impact and preserving the environment around us as much as possible.

Rather than simply produce another policy, our aim is to approach our work in a way that supports our vision and values in balance with our professional needs.

Jimmy Green Marine truly believe that we have a responsibility to the local community, our customers, employees and business partners to continue our efforts to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and prevent pollution.

We will actively and continuously seek to achieve our eco-friendly goals by:

  • Working with our suppliers to encourage environmental impact best practice
  • Encouraging internal discussion around new initiatives
  • Integrating those new initiatives into our business process
  • Developing and improving our internal systems to minimise the negative impact of our business on the environment
  • Researching local initiatives that we can support

Our Mission is to Empower Yacht Owners to Sail Sustainably

As a leading UK marine retailer with over 10,000 UK and international customers, we feel a responsibility to use our influence to improve the sustainability of the yachting industry in the UK and worldwide. Our aim is to empower yacht owners to choose low or net-positive carbon options that will help protect our waters and planet.

We will actively and continuously seek to achieve this by:

  • Empowering yacht owners to run their yacht sustainably by offering the most suitable product range and sharing the knowledge available
  • Working with suppliers to bring to market and actively promote sustainable choices to our customers, particularly products with low or transparent carbon impact
  • Working in partnership with local, national, and international organisations in the marine industry that can support our mission
  • Joining the conversation on sustainability in the sailing community, marine industry press, and on social media

At Jimmy Green Marine, we believe we have the power to create change through our supplier network and customers. At the same time, we are aware that our own business operations have an impact on the earth and its resources. We want to lead by example by minimising this impact and preserving the environment around us as much as possible.

Below are some of our current initiatives that are helping us achieve these goals.

Lower Carbon Alternatives

Our highest volume product category is rope, so this is a key area of focus to help empower yacht owners to sail sustainably. We are actively seeking and stocking lower carbon options from our suppliers.

Discover Marlow Blue Ocean® Sustainable Ropes.

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We feel particularly connected to the marine environment here at Jimmy Green.

The sea provides the platform for our fun, but it needs our help.

We have signed the CleanSeas pledge. You can too :-)

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Eco-Friendly Pollution Prevention Range

We continually review our products and are expanding our range of eco-friendly alternatives which help our customers care for the environment by minimising water pollution

We take pride in sourcing products that are produced by eco-friendly companies such as Ketten Walder who produce cromox G6 stainless steel anchor chain.

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Waste and Recycling

Team Jimmy Green sort all the extraneous materials that we receive and any waste that we produce to ensure the minimum amount of waste goes into landfill each year.

All our finished plastic rope reels are stored until there is a sufficient quantity to return to LIROS for reuse.

Waste produced by internal activity such as eating and drinking is recycled or composted as required.

All other office waste is sorted and recycled as appropriate to minimise our impact on landfill.

Rope Recycling

Our main Rope Manufacturer LIROS, actively recycles ropes and grades the materials for reuse in other products.

We are launching an initiative for accepting old rope for recycling.

We are making it a local service to ensure that the carbon cost of transporting the rope to us does not outweigh the benefit.

We will collect and store unwanted rope until there is a sufficient quantity to efficiently return it to LIROS for recycling.

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Potatoe Sacks used for Parcels


Our approach to packaging is based on the 4 R's - Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We sort all the packaging we receive and reuse everything from pallets and cardboard boxes to foam and bubble wrap.

Nothing is thrown away if it can be reclaimed for sensible employment.

Anything that we can't reclaim and reuse is sorted for recycling through an external professional service.

N.B. Wherever possible, we use paper potato sacks for wrapping our outbound parcels.

We have been doing this since the business began in 1981 because they are strong, light-weight and a biodegradable alternative to plastic.

We also offer a 'minimum retail packaging' option for customers at checkout which means that we can reduce the size of our outbound parcels and ensure that the superfluous materials are reused or recycled as appropriate.

Energy Usage

We strive to lower our ecological footprint by making smarter decisions regarding energy use.

February 2021 will see the introduction of solar energy roof panels at our Rigging Workshop and Online Store

Bulb Energy

We have switched our energy supplier to Bulb, the UK's biggest green energy supplier.

They provide all their customers with 100% renewable electricity.