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Bow Rollers and Fittings

Anchor Rollers, also known as Bow Rollers, and their ancillary cars, guards, and bow roller drop nose pins can help to make anchoring a pleasurable experience rather than a difficult experience. 

Ultra Marine Bow Rollers and Cars

The Ultra Development Team has designed and produced the perfect stemhead fitting to match your prized Ultra stainless anchor; whatever the size – you can select the complete bow roller arrangement or just the car – the forward, moving part can be retrofitted to a bow roller with suitable dimensions.

Mantus Marine Bow Rollers and Guards

Mantus manufacture an excellent adjustable, marine-grade stainless bow in two sizes and a universal Anchor Guard to improve seating and security. 

Drop Nose Pins

Team Jimmy Green offers the complete SeaSure and Talamex ranges, covering multiple lengths and diameters, suitable for securing anchors to their stemhead bow roller fittings or similarly locating other deck hardware.

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Mantus Bow Roller
Mantus Anchor Guard Port
Drop Nose Clevis Pin
Seasure Drop Nose Pin