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Guard Wire Accessories

Guard Wires are an important element in crew safety, providing a crucial buffer in a potential man overboard incident.

Jimmy Green Marine supply a range of complementary enhancing accessories to improve security and extend the working life of all your guardrail related deck gear e.g.

Guardrail Netting - ideal for helping to keep everything and everyone safely on board.

LIROS 8plait White Polyester for border cords, lashings and seizings.

This lanyard looks like 8plait white polyester but definitely needs attention before setting sail.

Lanyard in need of attention

Sail Wheels - these work very well, aiding the headsail to 'skirt' over the top Guard Wire.

PVC Protective Sheath - split tubing is extremely handy because it can be retro fitted wherever it is required.

Leather Protection - excellent anti-chafe properties combined with a stylish finish.

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Vitesse Guardwire Stanchion
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Gate Stanchions

Vitesse Stanchion Socket
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Rectangle Stanchion Base
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Triangular Stanchion Base
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Angled Stanchion Base - Triangular
LIROS 8 plait White Polyester 01040
Guardrail Netting
Rutgerson Rondo Sail Guard 4-6mm
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Rondo Sail Wheels
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Guardrail Protect Sheaths
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