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General Chandlery

In medieval times, before the luxury of gas or electric light, a chandlery referred to the important office that organised wax and candles for any household or organisation.

By the 18th century, commercial chandlers had developed and become involved in the supply of candles and soap to ships and ship's stores.

The term chandlery eventually evolved into a shop or organisation which supplies nautical products for yachts and boats.

Jimmy Green Marine have grouped together an array of their more miscellaneous products under the category General Chandlery because they don't naturally fall into any of our main categories:

  • Rope Ladders
  • Barrier Ropes and Fittings
  • Carabiners and Hooks
  • Canvas Bags and canvas accessories
  • Compasses
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Floating Key Ring
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Majoni Marine Bucket
Guardrail Netting

Barton SkyDock

Jimmy Green Boat Hook Head
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Marlin Spike
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Marlin Spike

Telescopic Boat Hook, full 2 metre extended
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Telescopic Boat Hook - Short
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Barton SkyLock Block
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Barton Fuel Vent Whistle
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Galvanised Rowlocks