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Terminal Backing Plates and Coquilles

Stainless Steel Backing Plates and Coquilles are designed for attachment to the mast to reinforce the mast section around your rigging termination.

Check carefully to ascertain which design/type/brand/manufacture of shroud/T terminal or StemBall you have to ensure you select the correct, matching backing plate or coquille.

Correct fitting is critical to withstanding the load of the rig. There will be ongoing problems with work hardening and premature failure if the terminal does not seat properly in the backing plate.

Mast Backing Plates and Coquilles - Facts and Features:

  • Correct seating improves articulation
  • Crucial reinforcement of the aluminium mast section
  • Spreads the pin point load applied by the tension in the rig
  • Facilitates the provision of additional fixing points
  • Available in different designs for Tee, Shroud and TeeBall type wire rope terminals

If the plate that you require isn't displayed on the website, please enquire with the Jimmy Green rigging Team.

Mast Coquilles perform a similar function to mast backing plates, but they are manufactured specifically to suit Stem Ball Terminals

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