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Rope Protection

Protection against wear and chafe is a very important factor in ensuring that your yacht is safely moored while you are not in attendance to keep a watchful eye.

Abrasion is generally caused by repetitive motion against unsympathetic contact surfaces e.g. fairleads, cleats, clutches, tow rails, harbour walls etc.

A small degree of movement/friction inflicts a sawing action on unprotected lines and over an extended period this may have disastrous consequences.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of anti-chafe measures for mooring, anchoring and running rigging applications.

Tubular webbing is a flexible rope protection sleeve which is easy to fit and keep in place - ideal for threading on to mooring lines and on to the loops spliced in the end of the line.

PVC hose is a little unwieldy and bulky but offers robust protection for mooring and anchoring strops or bridles.

Spiroll is a useful addition to a yacht's onboard rigging spares kit because it can be deployed without unfastening either end of the line - simply unfurl it and let it roll itself onto the rope in need of protection.

No Wear pads address the issue from a different angle - position the pad on the deck to provide a smooth sympathetic passage over a potential chafe point.

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Spiroll Rope Protection
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Marlow TFH Chafeguard
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Barton Deck Wear Pads - Clear
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