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A US based company in the Lake Country of Southeastern Wisconsin.

They have been producing blocks, travelers, winches, and hydraulics for small dinghies to the largest superyachts for over 40 years.

We stock a range of small boat blocks, dinghy hardware, big boat blocks, winches, furlers, traveler systems and Harken maintenance supplies.


Harken Line wire block

Harken 16mm Block 404

Harken 2 Fasteners Padeye

Harken 29mm Carbo AirBlock - single -swivel

Harken 29mm Carbo AirBlock - T2 - soft-attach

Harken 29 mm Pivoting Lead Block - Cam-Matic® cleat
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Harken 40mm Carbo AirBlocks

Harken 40mm Carbo Fiddle AirBlocks - Swivel

Harken 40mm Carbo AirBlocks -T2 - Loop - Soft Attach

Harken 40mm Zircon Blocks - Single Loop
Harken 45mm Black Magic Blocks

Harken 45mm Element Blocks