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Plastimo Jib Reefing

Plastimo Headsail Reefing Systems represent excellent value for money for the cruising yachtsman

Plastimo Jib Reefing Plus Factors:

  • Designed for yachts from 4 metres up to 11 metres length overall
  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple Design
  • Straightforward installation and dismantling
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Unique Patented Design means - no unstepping of the mast and no modification of the forestay

Plastimo Jib Furling is available with single (S-series) luff grooves to cater for cruisers or twin (T-series) luff grooves for cruiser/racers. The S series is ideal for the cruiser who simply requires the furling facility for easy reefing. The T series is useful for the cruiser/racer because the double groove allows for more efficient sail changes - If the drum is bypassed and halyard swivel disregarded, a second sail can be rigged before taking down the existing one.

Select S Series for a single headsail ~ T Series allows for more efficient sail changes

Plastimo Spar Design

Choosing between the Chainplates or Turnbuckle Model Versions

  • All Plastimo headsail reefing systems include a set of chainplates in the box
  • On the "chainplates mounting" version, the chainplates are fastened to the forestay U-bolt and the forestay itself is secured to the chainplates.
  • On the "turnbuckle mounting" version, the chainplates are pulled apart and a funnel is engineered inside the spar, to run the turnbuckle through.
  • This version allows the adjustment of the forestay tension even when the headsail reefing is set up, which is not possible with the chainplates-only mounting version.

Furling System - Selecting the Correct Model - Plastimo 406, 609 or 811 - use the following criteria:

  1. Length overall of your yacht
  2. Forestay Diameter
  3. Make an allowance for your maximum headsail size
  4. Check your luff rope size

Regarding the maximum sail area for example, a 6 metre boat with 16 square metre fore sail may be better suited to a 609.

The informatiion tables for Plastimo 406, 609 and 811 pictured below will guide you to the correct model for your individual yacht. The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team are on hand to help you at any stage of the decision and purchase process.

Plastimo 406 Jib Reefing

Plastimo 609 Jib Reefing

Plastimo 811 Jib Reefing

Plastimo 811

Plastimo Additional Foils are available from stock as spare part replacements or to extend the installation for longer forestays than the maximum length supplied as standard  in the box. 

Installation Tip - Measure your luff and cut your final foil to length allowing a few inches for luff stretch caused by halyard tension. For headsails with a longer luff and shorter foot, you may require an additional foil to complete the assembly.

S Series Single Groove Foil

Plastimo S Foil 

T Series Twin Groove Foil

Plastimo T Foil

Plastimo Additional Foils

Plastimo additional foils

Plastimo Reefing Accessories are available from stock. The Plastimo rope pre feeder will help to make the sail enter the foil smoothly and snag free. The Halyard Diverter Wheel and Feeders are designed to prevent issues with the halyard at the top end of the foils.

Plastimo Reefing Accessories

Plastimo Reefing Spares are available from Jimmy Green Marine. If you can't find the required part number on our website, the Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team will be pleased to quote you a price and lead time to source the items you require from France.Plastimo Reefing Spares

Plastimo manufacture Furling Systems under strict quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality at excellent value. Plastimo Jib Reefing Manufacture is based on 50 years of expertise in high pressure injection and composite materials engineering. Plastimo Jib Reefing features: 2 Delrin® twin ball bearing races in both drum and halyard swivel. All plastic components are manufactured from polyamide (nylon).

Plastimo Care in Construction Plastimo Manufacturing Process

The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team check the contents of each box before despatch to ensure that all the parts are present and correct, ensuring a hassle free installation.

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Plastimo 406S

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Plastimo Halyard Diverter Wheel
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Plastimo Connecting Foil

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