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Classic Ropes

Jimmy Green Marine offer a wide range of classic, natural looking, modern man-made fibre ropes to complement traditional looking yachts.

Before the advent of man-made fibres for use in yachting, lines were traditionally produced from natural fibre such as hemp, manilla, cotton, jute, coir, or sisal.

All natural-fibre lines are essentially different shades of brown unless they are treated, which generally just gives them a darker hue.

Natural fibres are not available in colours such as blue, red, yellow, green, or white (except for cotton)

Jimmy Green Classic Ropes are available in plain white to assimilate the appearance of cotton, or in a shade of brown to look like hemp or similar natural fibre.

The range covers most running rigging applications and even offers a classic braided mooring dockline.

LIROS Ropes manufacture classic ropes to combine a traditional appearance with modern high-tech performance.

Most of our classic lines are produced without any contrasting marker yarns to spoil the effect.

The only exceptions are LIROS 3 strand prestretched and LIROS Herkules Polyester which has the LIROS blue/yellow identity tracer yarn running through it, but it is not considered obvious or garish.

Pioneers of Classic Ropes

Jimmy Green Marine are pioneers in the development of traditional look hemp coloured polyester ropes e.g. Hempline© and Hemplait©, now known as Classic from LIROS Ropes and Natural from Marlow Ropes.

Jimmy Green Marine were the first to introduce Hempline© and Hemplait© to the yachting market, persuading LIROS to manufacture it especially for us, to serve the demands of traditional yacht owners.

LIROS now produce a range of Classic Ropes including 3 strand PolyesterClassic Matt Polyester and Classic Braid on Braid Polyester as standard products.

Jimmy Green Marine have a longstanding business partnership with LIROS, and our influence has been put to good effect with the introduction of two other lines exclusively for our customers with traditional looking yachts:

  • LIROS Dynamic Plus Cruising Dyneema article 02004 featuring a dyneema core for higher load, lower stretch applications, covered with the classic, traditional look, hemp coloured polyester yarn.
  • LIROS Dockline Polyester (Porto) article 00133 featuring a high tenacity braided polyester core covered by a 20plait hemp coloured jacket for a traditional feel on the pontoon.
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LIROS 3mm x 10 metres Classic 3 Strand Polyester Minireel
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LIROS 6mm Classic 3 Strand Polyester
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LIROS 16mm Classic 3 Strand Polyester
LIROS 18mm Classic 3 Strand Polyester
50 metre Hank Deal - LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester
100 metre Reel Deal - LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester

LIROS 8mm 3 Strand Prestretched Polyester