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Fids and Tools

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team has assembled a range of fids and tools that make splicing yourself a less daunting challenge.

Naturally, you don’t need to buy them all, but they are generally different for each type of rope construction.

Why Splice Yourself

You may fancy just having a go or you may aspire to be self-sufficient for the rigging needs of your yacht.

Splicing and whipping skills will be handy, especially if you plan a live-aboard extended voyage.

But suppose you feel safer with a professional finish, especially for load-critical applications.

In that case, you can ask us to finish the ropes, and we will send you everything ready to put straight into action.

It is a straightforward process to order the splicing yourself on our website using our custom build online tool.

Jimmy Green Marine Custom Build

The Jimmy Green Custom Build System does away with the need to do any splicing yourself. Instead, you can purchase each rope on our website with the ends professionally finished to your bespoke specification. The process is easy to follow, and our intuitive online tool instantly calculates a price for your selected options.

There is a drop-down menu of options at each stage. If you need help deciding which will suit you best, a quick email or telephone call to our Rigging Team will soon narrow it down. 

The Correct Splicing Tools

Some gadgets are a must-have in your splicing and whipping kit because they are versatile and help the process across a wide range of ropes and rigging projects.

Some are more specific to a particular rope construction, and here you will need to choose because multiple options can achieve the same result.

You will need to compare the detailed descriptions or go with your favoured brand to decide which will suit you best.

Rope Construction

Three main factors determine the most suitable option for most splicing and rigging jobs:

  • Rope Diameter
  • The rope fibres e.g. polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Dyneema, Technora
  • Rope construction e.g. 3 strand, 8 strand, braided, plaited

Selecting your Fids and Tools by Rope Construction

  • 3 strand - Swedish Fid or a traditional Marlin Spike
  • 8 strand Octoplait/Anchorplait - Swedish Fid
  • Braid on Braid - Selma Fid
  • Braid on Laid - Marlow Needle
  • 12 Plait, Hollow Braid - D Splicer, Marlow Excel Needle, Barton Easy Splicer, or Selma Fid

You will need to select a size appropriate to the line diameter for these options: Swedish Fid, Selma Fid, D Splicer Fid.

Selma Fids and D Splicer Fids are available in handy sets to cover a range of rope diameters.

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Swedish Fids

Swedish Fid

Selma Splicing Fid, individual
Selma Splicing Fids, 4 piece set
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Selma Splicing Fids, 5 piece set
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D-Splicer Fixed Fid
D Splicer Set
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D-Splicer Set


Barton Easy Splice
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Marlow Splicing Needles
Marlow Excel Splicing Needle
View +
Wichard Shackle and Spike Tool
View +
Marlin Spike
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Marlin Spike

D-Splicer Soft Fid