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Lofrans Windlasses

Lofrans was founded in Monza, Italy, in 1966, so the Lofrans engineers have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of anchor management solutions for over 50 years.

Lofrans windlasses combine top performance, absolute safety and stylish design on deck.

Lofrans has become synonymous with quality and reliability, with a wide range suitable for boats and yachts from 6m to 50m.

Lofrans are innovators in design, e.g. Automatic Free Fall, the Control Box and the “plug-and-play” windlass.

The Lofrans Engineering Team believe that building a top-quality windlass is based on sourcing the best, lightweight, high mechanical strength and corrosion-proof materials.

Lofrans Windlass Components  Lofrans Windlass Motors and Gearboxes  Lofrans Gearboxes

Lofrans Deck Unit Material

Horizontal Windlass - marine grade aluminium alloy, polished and anodised to the utmost marine environment weatherproof protection, or finished with a smart, impervious white powder coating. Vertical Windlass - mirror polished chrome finish on hot forged bronze or polished finish marine grade AISI 316L stainless steel.

Lofrans Motors and Gearboxes

Lofrans design, engineer, and manufacture their windlass motors and gearboxes to deliver high torque, high speed and long-running capability in a harsh marine environment. N.B. IP Rating stands for International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection rating

  • Available in DC 12 or 24 volt, electrically powered
  • IP66 = dust-tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water from any direction
  • IP67 = dust-tight and waterproof down to 1 metre depth for 30 minutes
  • Galvanised casing with additional polyester coating
  • Gearboxes operate with high load, non-reversible oil-lubricated (quiet running) worm screws
  • Motors are series wound, delivering superior starting torque

Lofrans Components

  • Windlass main shafts are machined from specialised high mechanical strength AISI 431 stainless steel
  • Windlass worm wheels are manufactured from alloy bronze, and worms are from high-tech 38NCD4 steel
  • Stainless steel components are hot pressed from AISI 304 or AISI 316 grade material, guaranteeing minimum porosity and optimised mechanical strength
  • Important components such as wingnuts, gypsys, gear wheels and clutches are hot forged
  • Exposed components are chemically treated for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Hot Forging is a more expensive process than traditional casting, resulting in high mechanical strength, a more compact molecular structure and a better surface condition

Lofrans Windlass Features:

Manual Override - This function means that the chain and anchor can still be retrieved in the event of electrical failure, with the added benefit of preventing a chain jam from damaging the deck.

Independently Operated Rope Drum and Chain Gypsy: This is a useful feature, which means that each function can be controlled separately, e.g. using the drum for pulling in or tensioning warps.

Automatic Free Fall Option: Activating the DOWN button on the remote control disengages the clutch and allows the weight of the anchor to pull the chain out over the stem head roller and into the water.

Rope and Chain Gypsy Management: Lofrans have designed a gypsy to grip rope and chain. The links of a correctly calibrated chain sit snugly in the gypsy pockets. The combination rope/chain gypsy works with the aid of a special spring-loaded tension finger (arm) which pushes the rope deep inside the pockets of the gypsy.

Chain-only Gypsy: Royal, Kobra, Cayman, Tigres, Falkon

Chain and Rope Combination Gypsy: Lion, Dorado and X1, X2 X3, SX1, SX2, SX3

Control Box included - also known as a solenoid or relay - either included as a separate unit or built into the motor.

How to select a Lofrans Windlass

Establish whether you will need a Horizontal or Vertical windlass

Consult the Lofrans Size Guide to establish your options by yacht length.

Use the Lofrans website to make your LOFRANS WINDLASS Calculator based on the anticipated weight of your anchor and rode.

Download Installation instructions and user manuals for all Lofrans products.

N.B. Installation by a qualified marine engineer/electrician is advised to ensure the proper wiring and working of your windlass.

Remember to complete the Lofrans Online Warranty Registration Form to validate your Manufacturer Extended Guarantee.

Jimmy Green Marine can supply any windlass or spare part from the Lofrans range.

Please contact us for a price and availability from the factory in Italy.

Lofrans Accessories

Lofrans 2023 Catalogue

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Pages 33 to 77 from the Lofrans 2023 catalogue with detailed information on Lofrans Horizontal Windlasses and Capstans

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