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Genoa Car Systems

Jimmy Green offer a wide range of Genoa Car systems from Barton, Harken, Selden and Lewmar to complement the Jimmy Green Online Custom Splicing and Rigging Service.

Genoa Sliding Lead Car Track-based Deck Systems are fundamental to controlling the shape of a yacht’s headsail.

The Genoa Car Track is fitted along the side deck so that the angle and the length covers both extremes of controlling the shape of the jib, genoa, yankee or any other foresail, and especially furling headsails.


As far aft as possible to get the correct sheeting angle with the sail sheeted hard in while a yacht is close hauled.

As far forward as possible to provide leach tension with the sheet eased out on a broad reach.

All points in between for fine-tuning :-)

There are two distinctly different methods for holding the Genoa Car in the desired position:

  1. Plunger System – characterised by holes at regular intervals in the track with a corresponding spring-loaded plunge-pin in the car – adjustment is achieved manually in situ and not while the sheet is under load
  2. Towing System – the car is held in position by a single line or multiple purchase, attached to each end of the car and around turning blocks at the end of the track – the control line can be led back to the cockpit – the car can be eased forward while the sheet is under load, but will be increasingly difficult to move aft according to the sheeting angle and pressure, and will eventually require the sheet to be eased in tandem

There are two different types of Genoa Car Track which, in turn dictate the type of bearings on the moving cars:

  1. Anodised aluminium alloy T shaped track is the most common version, but there are other shapes and the dimensions and profile will differ according to the manufacturer – Cars generally slide on plain nylon bushes
  2. Complex cross-section track for cars that run on ball bearings - again each manufacturer will have individual track dimensions

The pictures below illustrate how the dimensions and shapes can be very different. Barton T Track - Harken CB Track - Selden Standard Track

Barton T Track Harken CB Track Selden Track

If you need to replace any of your track fittings, you will need to identify the manufacturer and type of track and make your purchase to match.

If you want to upgrade to a higher specification, this will generally mean starting afresh by fitting new track to the deck and purchasing the cars and end fittings to suit.

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