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Calibrated Chain - Break Load, Weight and Volume Guide

Jimmy Green Marine stocks thousands of metres of Calibrated Anchor Chain, including:

Hot Dip Galvanised: Grade 40 from MF Catenificio and Lofrans Grade 43 from Titan DAMS Grade 70 High Strength from MF Catenificio DAMS

Stainless Steel: Grade Grade 40 G4 from William Hackett  Cromox Grade 60 G6 and Grade 60 G6 PLUS (A318L) from Ketten Walder

Jimmy Green Break Load Chart Advisory
These break loads are derived from published data and test certificates. The reporting method varies between manufacturers.
Essentially, the ultimate break load depends on the grade, and all manufacturers of the same grade of chain will have similar results.

Compare the break load and weight of calibrated anchor chain across all our manufacturers:
6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 13mm 14mm
Weight per metre 0.8kg 1.1kg 1.45kg 2.3kg 3.25kg 3.9kg
Lofrans Grade 40  2447kg 4384kg 6893kg 9789kg
Titan Grade 43  4400kg 7200kg

MF Grade 40 in Kn 3059kg 4079kg 6424kg 9177kg 10809kg 12746kg
WH G4 A316L stainless steel in kg 2000kg 4000kg 6400kg 9600kg
Cromox G6 Grade 60 in kg 3823kg 6424kg 10197kg 14531kg 17029kg 18865kg
Cromox G6 PLUS Grade 60 in kg 3925kg 6730kg 10605kg 16315kg 18049kg
DAMS MF Grade 70 in Kn 7138kg 11217kg

If you see a break load denoted in Kilonewtons (Kn), you can convert it as follows for comparison:

1 Kn = 101.972 Kg

For an accurate conversion, multiply the Kn value by 101.972 to calculate the break load in kg.

However, for a quick reference, add two zeros onto the Kn value for the approximate strength in kg, e.g. 43Kn becomes 4300kg.

Jimmy Green Marine offers a minimum Grade 40 hot dip galvanised calibrated anchor chain because size for size Grade 40 is approximately 25% stronger than Grade 30.

Grade 30 and Grade 40 Hot Dip Galvanised Calibrated Anchor Chain approximate break load Comparison Chart
Chain Size Calibration Grade 30 Grade 40
6mm DIN766 1800kg 2400kg
7mm DIN766 2500kg 3000kg
8mm DIN766 3200kg 4000kg
10mm DIN766/ISO 5000kg 6300kg
12mm ISO 7200kg 9000kg
13mm DIN766 8000kg 10600kg
14mm DIN766 10000kg 12500kg

Grade 43 (Titan) is slightly stronger than Grade 40

Calibrated Chain Volume

How much chain can you fit in your chain locker?

We can't answer your question directly, but we can offer some information which may help:

8mm Chain = approximately 0.42m3 per 1000m (1200m fits in a box 116cm x 76cm x 58cm)

10mm Chain = approximately 0.70m3 per 1000m (600m fits in a box 116cm x 76cm x 48cm)

13mm Chain = approximately 1.40m3 (100m fits in a box 70cm x 57cm x 35cm)

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