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Webbing Jackstays - Custom Build Instructions

Webbing Jackstays bearing edge to bearing edge

The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team are happy to advise you on the Custom Build process for ordering your webbing jackstays.

Follow the Jimmy Green Custom Build Process to get an instant quote and complete the order yourself

Once you have made your selection in all the drop-down boxes available, our website will generate:

  1. a picture version of what you have chosen
  2. an overall length
  3. a price including VAT, or excluding VAT if you are signed in with an export delivery address

Don't forget to add 2 jackstays to your basket if you require a pair.

Jimmy Green Sewing Team Finished Length Advisory

The website will accept a length to 3 decimal points. However, this is not practicable for webbing.

The Jimmy Green Sewing Team aim to produce jackstay lengths to the nearest centimetre i.e. to two decimal points.

However, because webbing has a degree of stretch at relatively low load, Jimmy Green Marine can only accept responsibility for the final measurement as follows:
< 5 metres accuracy overall to the nearest 25mm.
> 5 metres accuracy overall to plus or minus 0.5% e.g. 6 metres = 30mm, 8 metres = 40mm, 10 metres = 50mm

Measuring your Webbing Jackstays

Webbing has a degree of stretch even at low load.
Webbing jackstays should be fitted taut with only a degree of lift in the centre of the line, before any significant load is applied.
The height of the lift should be proportional to the overall length of the jackstay.
Webbing Jackstays should be fitted with a degree of tension, to prevent too much slack when a body weight load is applied.

The Next Custom Build Steps:

Additional Notes for your Custom Build
You can add a note for your own benefit or to advise the Rigging Team of a specific requirement.
This note will appear in the product description in your basket

Common examples:

Jimmy Green Additional Fitting Advisory

When a fitting is requested from outside the custom build process, it will be assumed that the finished length is measured to the bearing edge of the additional fitting(s)
In other words, the finished length will include any shackles, hooks or fittings.
The same principle applies to special requests for different lengths of loop.

The Jimmy Green Sewing Team Finished Length Process for Webbing

Webbing has a degree of stretch even at low load.

  1. Stitch one end
  2. Connect the stitched end to a shackle with a large, robust, measuring tape attached, lay the webbing out taut, but not stretched along the floor/trough
  3. Identify and mark the turning point for the sewn loop at the other end of the webbing
  4. Complete the second stitched loop
  5. Check the finished length against your order

Taut, not Stretched means that the webbing is pulled out straight, but not stretched tight with excessive force.

Quality Control
The Jimmy Green Sewing Team undertake to check your webbing meticulously during the production process, to ensure that it is 100% First Quality.

The Jimmy Green Despatch Team make a second thorough quality inspection of each item, including a careful check that it matches your order, before packing it into your parcel.

Additional Information
The finished length is measured from the bearing edge to the bearing edge = the inside face of a loop/shackle where a shackle pin would take the load and therefore NOT the overall outside length.

The sewing price includes the extra webbing required to form and stitch the loop and meet the overall finished length.

For the Makefast Adjuster Loop, the bearing edge is the inside of the 30cm loop formed by reeving through the adjuster and pulled out straight.
The webbing required to form the loop is included in the price.

The Bearing Edge:

Webbing Jackstays Bearing Edge Measurement Points

Please take extra care when ordering because once a bespoke item has been started (cut) it can neither be cancelled nor returned for a refund.


Webbing Jackstays, Made to Measure