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LIROS Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to Chain

LIROS Anchorplait ® White Nylon (polyamide) is the optimum rope choice for a rope/chain combination anchor rode

Anchorplait is stretchy and strong, flakes into the anchor locker like a chain, and splices neatly and directly into the chain with a strong connection.

Splicing Compatibility - the maximum diameter of rope that will splice successfully into a given chain calibration is limited by the number of rope fibres that the chain link(s) will accommodate and still allow a degree of articulation in the joint:

10mm Anchorplait - 6mm and 7mm chain
12mm Anchorplait - 7mm and 8mm chain
14mm Anchorplait - 8mm and 10mm chain
16mm Anchorplait - 10mm chain both splices, and 8mm chain with the one link splice only (tight fit)
18mm Anchorplait - 10mm chain
20mm Anchorplait - 12mm chain
24mm Anchorplait - 12mm chain

N.B. We do splice 16mm Anchorplait into 8mm Chain, but only with the one-link splice, and that is a tight fit in the link.

LIROS Anchorplait® White Nylon Article 01058JG - 100% Nylon (Polyamide)

Anchorplait® is a Jimmy Green Marine UK Registered Trademark.

Anchorplait® is manufactured exclusively by LIROS Ropes for Jimmy Green Marine.

Anchorplait® features Easy Splice Markers designed by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

The eight-strand construction (two pairs left hand, two pairs right hand) delivers a balanced performance with no twist under tension.

In fact, Anchorplait falls and flakes like a chain.

Anchorplait is the rope that will not cockle - the interlocking opposing pairs resist rotation.

Anchorplait is the optimum anchor rope because it is strong, stretchy, easy to manage in long lengths, and spliceable to chain.

LIROS Anchorplait Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • LIROS manufacturing excellence and consistency
  • 100% Nylon (Polyamide)
  • UV stabilised
  • Square braid construction
  • Non-kinking
  • Balanced braiding
  • The eight-strand construction (two pairs left hand, two pairs right hand) ensures a balanced performance and no twist under tension
  • Zero possibility of cockling - the interlocking opposing pairs resist rotation
  • Falls and flakes like a chain
  • Dependable, robust strength
  • Reliable durability
  • Excellent weathering and wear resistance
  • Remains flexible for the duration of its working life
  • Superb supple handling, manageable in long lengths
  • Supreme Shock Absorbing Elongation, >20% working load stretch
  • Compatible with modern windlass gypsys N.B. check the manufacturer recommendation
  • Spliceable to chain - very strong 1-link splice to chain compatible with modern rope/chain gypsys
  • Alternative flexible 11-link splice to chain option
  • Available from 10mm up to 20mm diameter

LIROS Anchorplait and Octoplait Nylon Break Load in daN:

10mm 2400daN - 12mm 3300daN - 14mm 4400daN - 16mm 5600daN - 18mm 7000daN - 20mm 8140 daN - 24mm 11800daN

LIROS specify their minimum break loads in Dekanewtons (DaN)

Kg force is a more recognisable illustration of strength, so you can convert the LIROS DaN values as follows:

1 Dekanewton = approximately 1.02 kg force

Therefore, the strength for any given diameter will be higher in kg than in daN e.g. 11800daN = approximately 12036kg

Jimmy Green Anchorplait to Chain Splicing Advisory

A rope-to-chain splice is required to complete your anchor rode

  • Anchorplait can be attached to the chain using a long (11-link) splice or a shorter 1-link splice
  • Some windlass manufacturers do not recommend the 11-link splice for use on a rope/chain gypsy
  • The breaking load is slightly greater on the one-link splice than the 11-link splice, but the critical strands around the end link should be scrutinised regularly for signs of chafe.
  • The 11-link splice should also be regularly visually scanned for wear along all the interwoven strands, paying due attention to the whipped ends

11-Link Splice - whipping at the throat, two pairs finish in link 9, tapered to link 11, with long heat-sealed tails whipped around the link in pairs.

1 Link Splice - a crown splice formed around the last link of the chain.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a choice of 3 top manufacturers for Calibrated Grade 40 Anchor Chain, all eminently suitable for splicing into Anchorplait.

Please bear in mind that while it is possible to splice Anchorplait into Grade 70 chain, the break load of the rope will not match that of the chain.

MF Catenificio Grade 40 and MF DAMS Grade 70 Calibrated Anchor Chain with enhanced Solid Zinc Galvanising

MF Catenificio manufacture, hot dip galvanise, proof test and stamp their MF chain, all in-house, at their modern MF factory in Italy.

Every link is proof tested as part of the production process.

Lofrans Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain

Sourced exclusively from Lofrans, renowned worldwide for their range of top quality windlasses.

Lofrans Grade 40 chain is stamped LFR at regular intervals as a testimony to their belief in the quality of their chain.

Titan Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain

Titan hot dipped galvanised Anchor Chain is engineered and proof-tested by Canada Metal (Pacific) to specifications exceeding industry standards.

All Titan Grade 40 Chain is embossed at regular intervals with G43, CMP and DIN766 or ISO as appropriate as a clear testament to their confidence in the chain and galvanising quality.

Custom Build Instructions

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LIROS 10mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 6mm Chain
LIROS 10mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 7mm Chain
LIROS 12mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 7mm Chain
LIROS 12mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 8mm Chain
LIROS 14mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 8mm Chain
LIROS 16mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 10mm Chain
LIROS 16mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 10mm Chain
LIROS 18mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 10mm Chain
LIROS 20mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 12mm Chain
LIROS 24mm Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to 12mm Chain