LIROS Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to Chain

LIROS Anchorplait Nylon Spliced to Chain

LIROS Anchorplait White Nylon Article 01058JG is manufactured EXCLUSIVELY by LIROS Ropes with Easy Splice Markers for Jimmy Green Marine.
The 8 strand construction [2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand] gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.
Anchorplait is the rope that won't cockle. In fact, it flakes like chain.
11 Link Splice - whipping at throat, two pairs finish in link 9, tapered to link 11, with long heat sealed tails whipped around link in pairs.
1 Link Splice - a crown splice formed around the last link of the chain.

Maggi Catena AQUA4 Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
Maggi Catena manufacture, hot dip galvanise, proof test and stamp their Aqua 4 chain, all in house, at the Maggi Catena factory in Italy.
Every link is proof tested as part of the production process.

Lofrans Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
Sourced exclusively from Lofrans, renowned worldwide for their range of top quality windlasses.
Lofrans Grade 40 chain is clearly stamped LFR at regular intervals as testimony to their belief in the quality of their chain.

Titan Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
Titan Grade 40 Calibrated, hot dipped galvanised Anchor Chain is engineered and proof-tested by Canada Metal (Pacific) to specifications exceeding industry standards.
All Titan Grade 40 Chain is clearly embossed at regular intervals with G43, CMP and DIN766 or ISO as appropriate as a clear testament to their confidence in the chain and galvanising quality.
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