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Boom Brakes and Preventers

Controlling the mainsail and, consequently, the boom when sailing downwind in a big breeze is essential to the safety of the crew and the integrity of the rigging.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team offers solutions for the two main dimensions of this aspect of downwind sailing:

Controlled Gybing - make your gybe a safe manoevre

The Wichard Gybe Easy and the Walder Boom Brake are both top-quality systems that can make gybing a controlled and incident-free manoeuvre.

Gybe Prevention - take steps to stop the boom from crashing over.

An accidental gybe, also known as a Chinese Gybe, can be perilous, especially in a strong breeze. The unrestrained momentum of a boom swinging from one gybe to the other with the mainsheet fully eased can endanger the crew and cause gear failure. Taking preventive action will not only be worth the effort and crucial for your safety but also make your downwind sailing ride more relaxing and enjoyable.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team offers a range of Ready-Spliced Boom Preventers, all produced in-house. These lines are designed to control the boom and prevent it from unintentionally crashing over the centre line, ensuring you a smoother and safer downwind sailing experience.  

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Walder Boom Brake 103 Black
Wichard Gybe Easy