Lifejacket Rearming Kits

Lifejacket Rearming Kits contain the parts to keep your lifejackets properly maintained and fit for purpose

Replacing the lifejacket inflation mechanism should form part of a meticulous annual inspection of all aspects of your lifejacket.

Lifejacket Rearming Kits fall into three main categories:

Contains the appropriate size CO2 cylinder and a selection of green plastic clips to cover different models or versions in the lifejacket range.

Automatic - United Mouldings (UM) or Halkey Roberts (HR)
Contains the CO2 cylinder, the green clips plus the automatic activation module.
The activation module is date stamped but lifejacket manufacturers recommend that the module is changed very year.
In fact, most lifejacket manufacturers stipulate this as a condition of their extended warranty.

Hydrostatic - Hammar
Contains the CO2 cylinder, clips and activation module.
Take great care when replacing the new rearming module because it is fitted inside the lung.
It is absolutely paramount that the lung is sealed correctly to avoid any loss of air.

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