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Mooring Shackles

Shackles supplied with the manufacturer's break load test rating are recommended for all applications where the consequences of failure could be disastrous, including joining all parts of your mooring or anchoring system together.

Shackles are excellent fittings for connecting mooring warps to mooring chains and for long-term attachment of any part of a mooring set up to a suitable anchorage point. Connection by shackle can be extremely beneficial for avoiding troublesome chafe points when setting up a permanent mooring arrangement.

Jimmy Green Advisory

  1. Select hot dipped galvanised or marine grade stainless steel shackles according to their application – maintaining similar metal-to-metal contact throughout your mooring system can also be beneficial, particularly for underwater applications: Stainless Steel in contact with Galvanised Steel
  2. Select manufacturer rated shackles for all load-critical applications
  3. Shackles should be secured with monel seizing wire to prevent them from loosening

Jimmy Green Marine offers shackles with a guaranteed load rating – tested shackles are much stronger than commercial pattern shackles, and the manufacturer certificate is reassuring.

Moorings for yachts or motor boats can be broadly divided into:

  1. Mooring Alongside – against, e.g. a pontoon
  2. Mooring Stern to - against, e.g. a harbour wall/pontoon
  3. Mooring Bow or Stern to – held off a beach or rocky shoreline
  4. Mooring Fore and Aft - between two fixed points, e.g. pile moorings
  5. Swinging Mooring – secured to a single point, e.g. a buoy anchored to the sea bed

Mooring Alongside – Splice a hard eye (thimble) into the pontoon end of a designated made-to-measure mooring warp.  Attach the hard eye to the allotted pontoon cleat with a shackle.

The other end can be left long for making off on a deck cleat or finished to the correct length with a soft loop so that the splice drops neatly over the cleat into place.

Mooring Stern to, Mooring Bow or Stern to – Finish the warp with a spliced hard eye to attach the shore end of the warp to, e.g. a bollard, a fixed chain or ring, convenient rock in a similar fashion to mooring alongside.

Short lengths of chain can be used to loop around the available anchorage point and shackled to the spliced thimble eye.

S/S springs can provide extra shock absorption on secondary (double-up) lines. Connect the spliced thimble eye to the spring with a Mooring Shackle.

Mooring fore and aft – a yacht can be secured to the rings on pile moorings with shackles connected to mooring warps finished with a thimble eye splice.

Swinging Mooring – shackles should be utilised for joining all the components of a swinging mooring, e.g. the riser chain, mooring buoy, and rope strop.

Parts of a Shackle ➤

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