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Pins, Rings and Nuts

The standing rigging and the guard wires on a yacht are only as secure as the pins, rings and nuts that hold all the wire and fittings together.

A Skipper's regular morning or pre-voyage Safety Check should include an inspection of all these small but important parts of the wire rigging.

Clevis pins should be:

  1. The correct diameter for the eye (hole) in the connecting fitting - this means the maximum diameter that will just fit so that the load is spread over all the available bearing surface
  2. The correct length so that there is no lateral movement and less chance of snagging

Clevis Rings should be:

  1. The correct size for the hole in the pin.
  2. In their design form so that when fitted they secure the pins in place.
  3. In good shape so that they can be positioned and taped to avoid any snagging issues.

Nuts should not be loose :-(

Spare Pins, Rings and Nuts are an essential part of a yacht's safety kit inventory, providing the means to repair and adapt sailboat rigging at sea.

Pins, Rings and Nuts are available from Jimmy Green Marine in marine grade stainless steel from top UK manufacturers Petersen and Sta-Lok for peace of mind.

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