Calibrated Anchor Chain - Quality Control

Jimmy Green Marine policy is to purchase Grade 40, Grade 60 and Grade 70 calibrated chain from world renowned brands and manufacturers:
Maggi Catena AQUA 4 and AQUA7, Lofrans, Titan and cromox

Every single length of chain purchased by Jimmy Green Marine is marked and recorded with the supplier, the date received and a Jimmy Green batch number.
The Jimmy Green Team record the appropriate batch number on each individual order for chain.
Every purchase of chain is therefore traceable back to the manufacturer and the accountability trail is clear.
Every single length of chain has a manufacturer certificate of conformity - Test Certificate.
The specific Test Certificate for your purchase is therefore recorded and available to you if required. 

Each length of chain is measured accurately along the chain store floor.
Each order is checked by a second member of the team before it is cut.
Jimmy Green Marine purchase some chain from the manufacturer already cut to length e.g. 50, 60 80 and 100m AQUA7 with oversize link

Each length of chain is checked by eye for any signs of defective galvanising when it is received from the manufacturer and again when it is measured out for an order.

Proof Loading
Every link undergoes a proof load as part of the manufacturing process ensuring that every single weld is completed satisfactorily.

Each manufacturer undertakes a minimum galvanising thickness measured in microns.
Galvanising is a chemical process and the surface condition (appearance) is not always indicative of the galvanising effect.
A bright or dull finish is not indicative of the galvanising quality - newly galvanised chain has a bright zinc finish but exposure to the elements will soon remove the shine.
Rust is the enemy.
White deposits are normal.
Patches of darker grey/black colour can be a little unsightly but if no brown rusting appears the galvanising is still effective

Calibrated Anchor Chain