Do it yourself Standing Rigging Quotes

The Jimmy Green Marine website makes it easy to get an instant indicative quote for your replacement standing rigging.

Approximate lengths and an educated guess for the terminals will be sufficient to get a rough guide to the total price.

N.B. The decision on whether to replace the turnbuckles makes a big difference to the final cost.

If you don’t know where to start, check for any rigging details in the owner’s manual, or search for your basic sailboat data online.

It really is very simple once you have the basic information.

All you need to do is make your selection from each of the three drop down menus for each stay:

The type of wire

Select your wire construction

  • KOS 1x19 – this is the standard wire for standing rigging on Cruising Yachts
  • Petersen Compact Strand - for higher strength performance
  • KOS flexible 7x19 - for applications where the wire will be required to turn around sheaves.

The wire diameter

This is fundamental to the cost because the prices increase for the wire and the end fittings in line with the wire diameter.

The mast (top) terminal

  • There are four main types: eye, fork, strap toggle (toggle fork) and Tee/Stemball
  • Each type has a similar price range for the different manufacturers, so to get a rough estimate, pick the correct type from any of the manufacturer options
  • On smaller yachts and dayboats, Talurit thimble eyes or Talurit loops are quite prevalent

The approximate length for each stay

An estimate based on the original rigging plan or just a rough calculation based on the height of the mast will suffice.

The bottom terminal

  • If you are not replacing the turnbuckles, select a stud (end fitting without the adjustment part) or an eye
  • If you are replacing the turnbuckles, scroll down to select a complete turnbuckle with toggle to finish
  • The prices are similar across the manufacturers, so to get a rough estimate, make your best guess
  • There are normally two options on thread size – select the larger thread for the worst-case scenario on cost
  • On smaller yachts and dayboats, Talurit thimble eyes with separate turnbuckles (rigging screws) are quite prevalent

These Custom Build Instructions will guide you through the whole process.

You may have some other specification considerations which will influence the cost e.g.

  • split, adjustable and/or insulated backstays
  • a forestay idiosyncrasy caused by headsail furler fitting - it is quite common to buy the forestay over-long and use a self-fit swageless terminal to terminate the forestay in situ when the furling unit has been reassembled
  • linked rigging

You can add two to your basket if they are a pair, or close enough to not seriously affect the price.

You can also name each stay, so that your basket is easier to understand.

Once you have entered all the stays into your basket, you have your indicative quote :-)

Please register an account with your delivery address to view your shipping options - the default before signing in is for a UK Mainland delivery postcode.

Of course, the Jimmy Green Rigging Team are always on hand to help you through this process, by email or on the telephone, should you not be able to manage it yourself.