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Safety Lines

Safety Lines, also known as Lifejacket Tethers, are an essential addition to your personal safety equipment on board.

Whether you only sit in the cockpit or you venture up on the foredeck, it is extremely important that you keep yourself from falling overboard by attaching yourself to the yacht by means of a safety hook and tether.

It is good policy to wear a lifejacket at all times while afloat but prevention is better than cure and the correct use of a safety line will avoid losing any crew overboard.

Safety Hook Lines are generally available in 2 different webbing versions:

  • Standard webbing and specially designed hollow tube webbing with a strong elastic insert.
  • The elasticated version is designed to minimise the slack in the safety line. This reduces the chance of accidentally tripping over the line and also minimises the possibility of the hook getting caught under a deck fitting e.g. mooring cleat.

Safety Lines are generally available with one, two or three hooks

  • The single (one) hook line features just one hook for attaching to the anchorage point or jackstay while the other end is a long loop for cow hitching to your lifejacket.
  • The double (two) hook line has a hook at each end of the webbing.
  • The treble (Three) hook line has an extra tether and hook, for remaining clipped on, while transferring between one attachment point and another.
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Seago ISO Safety Lines - detail of loop and hook
Spinlock Performance Safety Line - 1 clip, 1 link, elasticated DW-STR/2LE/C