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Chain Snubbing Strops

Jimmy Green Anchor Chain Snubbing Strops address the issue of snatch loading associated with all-chain anchor rode systems - a single stretchy nylon line which takes the strain of the rode.

The snubbing line can be led offset through a port or starboard fairlead, but for longer term anchoring it should pass over the bow roller, through the stem head fitting and attach to the most suitably positioned strongpoint.

This will require a careful, precautionary appraisal of any potential wear points and preventive action where necessary: Anti-Chafe Options

LIROS 3 Strand Nylon Article 00110

  • Thermofixed twisted lay construction 100% high tenacity Nylon (Polyamide)
  • Manufactured to DIN EN ISO 1140 (previously DIN EN 696, DIN 83330)
  • Spliceable to chain
  • Dependable strength
  • Excellent durability
  • UV and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent shock absorbing elasticity >20% working load stretch

LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2400kg ~ 12mm 3300kg ~ 14mm 4400kg ~ 16mm 5600kg ~ 18mm 7000kg - 20mm 8140kg ~ 24mm 11800kg ~ 30mm 17400kg 

LIROS 3 Strand Nylon has the same strength and stretch properties as the octoplait version, is less expensive but the twisted lay shrinks when immersed in water potentially making it go stiff over time, especially in the larger diameters.

Overall, LIROS 3 Strand Nylon is a very strong and stretchy mooring warp that represents exceptionally good value when used for permanent or semi-permanent mooring, but not usually recommended for frequently adjusted and stowed mooring warps where Polyester may be a more suitable fibre.

Jimmy Green Single Line Snubbing Strops, important features and information:

  • A Jimmy Green snubbing line should be approximately 3 metres to 10 metres in length - the longer it is, the more it will stretch
  • The strop is attached to the chain with a rolling hitch or a spliced chain hook/Grab which can be retentive, the other end is made off to a strongpoint on the foredeck
  • It is possible to extend the length of the snubbing line by careful routing (avoiding chafe points) to a strongpoint further aft
  • N.B. Chain hooks are not designed to fit through the link of a calibrated chain. Locate the chain hook, gripper or grab over one link so that the load is bearing on the outside of the next link (which will be at right angles).
  • The strength (diameter) of the strop should be comparable with your main anchor rode
  • Splicing retains far more of the rope strength than tying a knot - knots can reduce the break load by as much as 50% while a professional splice will generally retain approximately 80-85% of the original load capacity (this percentage does vary with the rope and splice construction)
  • Adding a mooring compensator will increase the elasticity of the strop - this extra shock absorbing capacity could be utilised to reduce the length of the line.
  • Adding anti-chafe webbing will protect the line where it leads over the bow roller, through the stem fitting and where it may come into any abrasive contact from there to the strongpoint.

Chain hook on the chain Mantus Chain hook on the chain

Jimmy Green Advisory
Attaching the hook or grab with a shackle may seem a little clunky, but it does mean that the hook can be removed for a mooring application and/or replaced if required.

Jimmy Green Guide to taking the shock load off your windlass and chain Anchor Snubbing

Anchor Chain Snubbing Strop - Custom Build Instructions

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