Chain Snubbing Strops

Jimmy Green Anchor Chain Snubbing Strops

Custom Build a chain snubbing strop with a choice of Chain Hook/Grab - spliced and whipped to your own bespoke requirements by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

Anchor Chain Snubbing Strop - Custom Build Instructions

LIROS 3 Strand Nylon Article 00110

LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2400kg ~ 12mm 3300kg ~ 14mm 4400kg ~ 16mm ~ 5600kg ~ 18mm 7000kg - 20mm 8140kg ~ 24mm 11800kg ~ 30mm 17400kg 

LIROS 3 Strand Nylon has the same strength and stretch properties as the octoplait version, is less expensive but the twisted lay shrinks when immersed in water causing it to go stiff, especially in the larger diameters.

Overall, a very strong and stretchy mooring warp that represents exceptionally good value when used for semi-permanent mooring but not usually recommended for frequently adjusted and stowed mooring warps due to the stiffening of the line over its lifetime.

Do not use as a single strop on a swinging mooring as the swing may untwist the lay of the rope (cockling).

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