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Floating Rope

Polypropylene stands apart from the stalwarts of rope manufacture: Polyester and Nylon, because Polypropylene floats while Polyester and Nylon both sink.

Generally speaking, Nylon and Polyester have the edge over polypropylene in two main areas: better endurance in the sun and a comparative advantage in tensile strength

It is important to allow for this when specifying your lines, but also to take basic steps to store polypropylene in the shade whenever practicable.

LIROS enhance the polypropylene fibres during the manufacturing process in order to maximise the onboard potential of the finished rope.

LIROS Manufacturing Plus Factors:

LIROS UV stabilisers are added to ensure the best possible resistance to the damaging effects of sunshine.

  • Multifilament yarn – LIROS twist multiple fine, continuous filaments together to form the yarn that is then braided, plaited or twisted into the final rope construction – creates a flexible, pliable rope that is comfortable to handle.
  • LIROS Heat Setting – maintains the integrity of the rope construction when in use
  • LIROS Colourfast - bright colours suffer no leeching or bleeding due to an advanced spin dyeing process - N.B. all colours fade in the sun.
  • LIROS Quality – production to DIN EN ISO 1346

There are specific applications where a lightweight, floating rope has distinct advantages over heavier sinking ropes.

Safety Equipment: LIROS manufacture two types of braided UV stabilised bright yellow multifilament polypropylene line, which Jimmy Green specifies with a striking red fleck for instant recognition.

  • 8 Plait, minimal core – flexible, solid construction, not spliceable
  • 16 Plait Hollowbraid – soft, pliable construction, tendency to flatten under load, easy to splice

Mooring, Towing and General Purpose: LIROS produce polypropylene in two constructions that are very similar to their nylon or polyester counterparts. In fact, they are difficult to tell apart to the untrained eye

  • 3 Strand white article 01120 – firm, 3 strand, laid construction, stretchy, light weight and comfortable to handle, all properties which will last throughout the working life of the rope
  • Octoplait white – article 01078 – 8 strand balanced construction, 2 pairs left hand, two pairs right hand laid, flakes easily, ‘behaves’ like chain
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