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Chain Hooks, Grabs and Grippers

Chain Hooks, Grippers and Grabs, are designed to achieve a simple but strong means of securing a line to a length of chain under load.

The internal dimensions of each link in a modern calibrated anchor chain are not large enough to facilitate a strong through-link connection. Chain hooks and grabs are therefore designed to fit over a link in one plane and rest on the next link, which will naturally be at right angles. The link on which the hook or grab rests will therefore take the load.

Chain hook on the chain Mantus Chain hook on the chain

Hooks and Grabs can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Retentive - featuring a mechanism for remaining attached when the line is slack.
  • Plain - no retention mechanism but simpler, less fiddly to attach and detach.

Wichard claim that their new concept hook is naturally retentive due to the specially designed shape, without the need for a strap or locking pin. There are other options for securing the snubbing line to the chain:

  • Fasten the line to the chain with a rolling hitch. An extra half hitch or two is advisable for extra security. A rolling hitch should present no problems when it comes to release, even after extended exposure to heavy loads, providing it is tied correctly. N.B. knots may have a detrimental effect on rope strength: How rope strength is AFFECTED by tying a knot
  • Make up a suitably strong, spliced endless loop, i.e. a Prusik Cord from, e.g. 100% Dyneema SK75, 78 or 99 braided line and connect it to the chain by means of a Prusik Hitch

Bear in mind that attachment and detachment of the connection to the chain may mean stooping or kneeling and leaning out over the bow roller.

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