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The Seldén Group is a world leader and manufacturer of rig systems for dinghies, keelboats and yachts.

Furled 300s drum cheek
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Selden Single Stand Up Ball Bearing

Selden 20mm Trapeze Rings

£29.00 -25%

Selden 45mm Autoratchet Block - 404 401 01R
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Selden 5/8IN-SCREW, PIN Ø13 CONVERTER - 306-558-03
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Selden GX - Anti torsion Line
Selden Anti-torsion Line Thimble
Selden Backing Plate
Selden Single Strap Ball Bearing
Selden Single Ball Bearing 403-101-01
Selden Single Ball Bearing 404-101-01
Selden Single Ball Bearing 406-601-01